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Terms & Conditions

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Check-In:  2:00 pm

Check-Out:  11:00 am

Quiet Time:  10:00 pm to 8:00 am.

Alcohol:  Alcohol is permitted;  however, we ask that you consume within your assigned space.  

Alterations:  Cutting of trees, moving of fireplaces, electrical lines, cable lines or water lines is strictly prohibited.    

Children:   Parents, or assigned guardian over the age of 18, are responsible for their children’s behavior and every child must have a parent or guardian on the campground at all times.  Unattended children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the pool or pool area without a parent/guardian over the age of 21. 

Decorations:   These items must be reviewed with the management for placement, size, color, appropriateness, design and quality. This includes such items as outside refrigerators, freezers, cabinets, lights, platforms, buildings, clotheslines, moving fireplaces, signs and flags.  

Fires:  Fires are permitted as long as they are maintained within the fire ring and are not left unattended.  All fires must be extinguished prior to retiring for the evening.  It is not permitted to bring untreated firewood from outside of the state nor is it permitted to cut down local foliage.  

Fireworks:  Fireworks are not permitted for guest use.  

Garbage/Recycling:  Garbage is not to be left outside or burned in fire rings.  New Jersey state law requires that everyone separate all recyclables out of their garbage.  Dumpsters for regular garbage and recyclables are provided for ease of disposal.  Everyone must separate their garbage and bring it to the Garbage/Recycling dumpsters. 

Insurance:    Each camper is responsible to carry and maintain adequate property, vehicle and liability insurance coverage for any vehicle or recreational vehicle brought into the campground.  

Residence:  Cedar Ridge Campground is for temporary, recreational occupancy only.  There are no rights to tenancy during off-season months, November through April.  No exceptions will be granted.

Pets:  Pets are permitted in only guest supplied accommodations.  At time of registration, you will be prompted to provide a current Rabies vaccination record.  Any pets who do not have a current Rabies vaccination record will not be permitted on the property.  It is your responsibility to be a kind and courteous pet owner, which includes picking up after your pet, making sure your pet is leashed at all times when outside, respecting quiet hours and not leaving your pet unattended.

Swimming Pool:   The pool opens daily at 10:00 AM and stays open until dark.  There are NO LIFEGUARDS.  Children may not be left unattended.  New Jersey law requires that an adult over 21 must supervise children under the age of 16. Pool rules are posted at each entrance gate. 

Vehicles:  The campground speed limit is 5 mph.  Only licensed drivers are permitted to operate vehicles within the campground.   Each site is permitted one vehicle.  

Water Usage:   There is no additional charge for the use of water, however, water is a limited resource. Filling pools, external containers, or any other excessive water usage will result in removal from the property, and forfeit of the deposit. 

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